Chocolate extinction, a Heartbreaking News to chocoholics



The love of majority population is now going to extinct by 2040 says scientists. The rising global temperatures and dryer climatic conditions make cacao cultivation a difficult task. These cacao trees grow mainly in hot and humid rainforest conditions, but the rising temperatures are sucking the moisture from soils where these cultivations are carried on.


Cocoa trees grow in rain forested areas, but these rising temperatures in West Africa are projected to be unfavorable for occurrence of rainfall which is mandatory for its optimum growth.
The farmers of West African countries namely Ghana and Ivory coast are poor, cannot afford to use pesticides and fertilizers are opting unimproved planting material.
The demand for cocoa is raising day by day, most of Asian and African countries require millions of tons of cocoa for production of chocolates. In order to meet this huge demand, farmers has to improve the current production, but due to the impact of raising temperatures they are unable to meet the demand thereby leading to chocolate shortages. These shortages lead to price hikes and the price of the chocolates increased by 60% and will go on increasing as the shortage continues. Despite of these shortages chocolates would be available but they may become expensive to most of us.



The companies like Mars and Cadbury are taking certain steps to combat with these chocolate shortages like they are teaching their suppliers about good sustainable practices and trying to develop drought-resistant cocoa trees. Scientists are examining the gene-editing technology CRISPR to develop crops that can fight with environmental challenges. Recently African cocoa industry began developing a resistant and fruitful cocoa.
scientists are in a way of coming up with a better solutions to this problem, until then people have to bear with the hike in chocolate prices.

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