Ecosia, the Internet browser that plants trees.


Ecosia, a German organization, has developed a green search browser. 80% of advertising revenue generated by clicks goes to tree planting programs.

Ecosia is an eco-responsible search engine that aims to put web technologies at the service of protecting the environment. On a technological level, this search engine has nothing more than the others, on the carbon balance side, this search engine consumes like the others; if the consumption is the same, the difference lies in that unlike Yahoo and Google, most of Ecosia’s gains are donated to an NGO  ; the user does a good job by passing this search engine to browse the web.


And if for once, we used clicks for the good cause?

This is what Ecosia, a German start-up, has asked itself by creating an eco-search engine. Instead of using all the advertising revenue generated by clicks in personal investments, she(Ecosia) invests them daily in tree planting to fight against deforestation. To do this, she set up a search engine, Working in exactly the same way as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, it is enough for a user to search through the platform to display advertising links in the results and thus generate free money to Ecosia. 80% of the profits are donated to environmental development programs.

To use the browser without having to search the web before hand, the organization has implemented an extension that allows linking his account (Google, Apple, or Firefox) to

Once your accounts are merged, the user can see the number of trees he has planted thanks to a small counter located at the top right of the screen.

A tree planted every 13 seconds
Since its creation, the navigator has planted more than 3.7 million trees worldwide, which is 8.8 times the surface of Central Park in New York or 11 times the area of the London Hydepark , can we read on his blog . “You did not waste your time: it took you only six months to reach the last million trees.

It means you are planting a tree every 13 seconds, “she explained. To choose her planting locations, she analyzes where the need is most immediate.

The last program took place at Burkina Fasso in Lilengo. “Three years ago, Lilengo was a bare land, food was scarce and only one child had managed to enter secondary school. Today, lush forests around Lilengo have revived the village.

More girls and boys are in secondary education, women have access to employment and there is more food for the inhabitants and their livestock, “says Ecosia. Now, the company is attacking neighboring villages, Baliata and Ariel, to achieve the same results.

For now, she has managed to collect more than 2.5 million euros thanks to the strength of clicks. To boost this figure, it put online last January a new version of its browser, faster and more enjoyable for the user. By 2020, she hopes to have planted over a billion trees.

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