Lunar eclipse … This is the moment when you raise the eyes to the sky
ASTRONOMY This Friday, July 27, lunar eclipse 2018 three astronomical phenomena will take place at the same time, including the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

At what time is the eclipse tonight, Lunar eclipse starts from 10:45 pm July 27 and it ends at 4:58 am on July 28 in India.

Lunar Eclipse                                  lunar eclipse pictures date is July 27 night, will continue till early hours of July 28

This lunar eclipse 2018 Friday night, a total eclipse of the Moon will take place. A rare event by its duration, because it will be in the complete shade of the Earth for 103 minutes.

At the same time, Mars will be “in opposition”. The red planet will be “only” 58 million kilometers from the Earth.

Friday night, a Lunar eclipse will be necessary to have the eyes fixed on the sky. To see the longest lunar eclipse of this century, of course.

Lunar eclipse                                                                           lunar eclipse pictures

But it will not be the only astronomical phenomenon of the evening. While the moon will take a huge of blood, on the opposite, Mars will be a little closer to the Earth … But very far anyway.

A total lunar eclipse of 103 minutes
The lunar eclipse is not an exceptional phenomenon in itself. “There is twice a year, the moon goes into the shadows of the Earth every six months, which gets busy on Friday.

Big red moon tonight.

Even if the eclipse of the Moon is total, the observers could see the star and it will take a particular shade. During the eclipse, rays of the Sun graze the Earth and cross our atmosphere, which will then project a colored shadow on the Moon.

The particles in suspension on the surface of the Earth will, they, send back this light, which will give it this glowing hue, which some call BLOOD MOON. A color more or less marked.

Mars in the night sky.

The last time Mars was so close was in 2003. The red planet was 51.6 million kilometers away. This Friday night, it will be 58 million kilometers. So close enough to be able to observe it.

When the Sun, the Earth, and Mars are aligned in this order, the planet is said to be in opposition. And it will be necessary to wait until 2035 to see it again as well thanks to the lighting of the Sun. “At most, Mars is 360 million kilometers. The oppositions are middle every 26 months, but not all are equal. Mars will be a shining point in the sky, not sparkling, “says Arnaud Caron.

At the latter will take advantage of the evening to show the telescope other phenomena, visible for several weeks. “At this moment we can see the rings of Saturn, Jupiter and its big natural satellites, and Venus,” said the astronomer who will be supported during the evening by astrophysicists Sylvie Vauclair and Sylvestre Maurice.

Can I see lunar eclipse tonight

Yes, with No glasses but a (very) good telescope
Unlike the solar eclipse, no risk of burning your eyes Friday night. If the glasses are not mandatory, the use of binoculars is advised to see the contours of the Moon which is only 400,000 km from the Earth.

By cons, to observe Mars, it will take a good telescope, because it is much, much further. For the occasion, many planetariums have planned a special evening.






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