Telugu Director Vijaya Bapineedu Passes away at 83

Vijaya Bapineedu

Ace Director Vijaya Bapineedu Hyderabad: Vijaya Bapineedu, whose real name is Guttha Bapineedu Chowdhary, has passed away on Tuesday 12th Feb 2019   here in his residency. He was 83 years old. He was born in Eluru Andhra Pradesh. He has completed his degree from CRR college Eluru.  Later he started film news magazines like Bommarillu, Vijaya Vijaya Magazine was very famous for his comments and reviews on movies. Because of this, his name got changed from Guttha Bapineedu Chowdhary to Vijaya Bapineedu. He entered into Telugu film industry, directed first movie Dabbu Dabbu…

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