No Darshan at Tirumala temple for five days from August 12 to 16 this year.

NO dharshan for 5 days


No Darshan at Tirumala temple for five days from August 12 to 16 this year:

In Tirumala Sri vari temple, for every 12 years, titidi Tirumala jeeo srikens. Srinivasa Raju said. This Vedic program will be held on the of the annamayya building in Tirumala.


From August 12 to 16th to 16th date, in Sri vari temple, the mahabalaya mahabarath: Jeeo Sri Kens. Srinivasa Raju
After meeting, it was said that it is going to be a great time in the temple of Sri vari temple, which has been said to be held in the old marriage premises. On August 11th, this Vedic program was started. The main priests in the temple of the temple, the main priests and the people of the vedas are said to be called as kankantha.

No Darshan at Tirumala temple for five days from August 12 to 16 this year.

From August 12 to 16th to 16th, he said that he is not allowed for the darshan, the break directors were not allowed. On August 12, the ” Artist ” was followed by the ” Artist ” and said that they are not allowed beyond the rocks.

On August 11, 12, in the dates of the 12th, the services of the people are limited to the devotees of the morning. On August 12, 16, all earning services were canceled, on August 15, 15, the great peace was held at Tirumala.

On August 16th at 10.16 am, in Tula lagnam, the great one has been revealed. From August 17 to October 3rd, for 48 days, the mandal has been done for 48 days.

In 5 days, 30 thousand people will be able to see more than 30 thousand devotees in the 5 days. In this matter, the devotees who put in this matter will be planning to make a plan for their thirumalyatra. It is said that Sri vari temple, engineering, park, vijilens and other parts of the Mahabharata.


The 1958th century, participating in the Mahabharata: Sri Sundarvaradan

He said that he was in the 1958th year from the 1958th year in the temple of titidi. In 2006 he was a great person in his presence. At the time of ashta, it is said that it is 12 years. This ashta has been given under the feet of srivaru.

From the temple of God, in the scam: Sri Vehugopala Dixit

The Temple of a srivari temple, Sri Vishnu go dairy dikshitulu is the part of the Mahabharata, the people of the other gods, the power of the God, and the traditions of the other gods are organized. At this time, the repairs in the pregnancy said that they will manage the priests. The service of the source is also explained to the God.


In the meeting that happened before the end, it is Sri  Balaji, Chief Engineer Sri Chandrasekhar Reddy, in charge of charge, Sri Shivkumar Reddy, Sri Ramachandra Reddy, Vijio Sri Ravindra Reddy, srivari temple deputy, Evo Sri Harindranath, other officials have participated.


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