Globfone: Free International Calls. Make unlimited calls

Globfone offers free calls to almost every destination, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries, not free calls. It’s free, unlimited, and there are no apps to download. The best part: You can connect your phone directly to your computer

We have many facilities for free calls. With stiff competition surrounding many service providers, cheap international calls are being started and many more are calling for free. Prior to Globfone, it was limited to making free computers for phone calls only. But now we also have some Evaphone options: One of the Evaphone options is Globfone.

Another great feature is free SMS for all countries directly from the website of the world. Yes, you’re right, you can send unlimited messages from your computer to any mobile phone in the world.

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Globfone offers free international calls and SMS, but for a limited time, you can voice call new calls for direct calls to mobile phones.

You open any browser, for example, go to Google Chrome smartphone call option and device, then select country and enter phone number, then call

With Globfone, you can make phone calls from anywhere in the world to your website. It’s very easy, and it’s completely free. There aren’t many websites like Globfone.

For phone calls, you’ll need to use a microphone, headphones or speakers, though you can actually find a subtle and clear voice for calls, and you can find them online at this site.

You can enter an international number, including the country code you want to call. Don’t use “00” or “+” at the beginning of the number. Here’s how you enter a phone number.

33 1 11223454 France


How to make phone calls from GlobFone

All you need is a microphone and headphones or speakerphone for calls. Just make sure these things are connected and working well. Also, check the volume. Usually, your phone and speaker will do this.

  • Visit the GlobFone website.
  • You can see a box with numbers on it.
  • Enter the recipient number for dialing with Globe Phone, ie, 33 1 22334455, using the computer keyboard or the telephone directory. Then press the green handset button.
  • If your browser wants to seek permission to use the microphone, click “Permission.”
  • In the new window, Enter the captcha, re-enter the text from the field, and press Enter. If successful, Globe will start dialing a phone number, and you will see information about the remaining playing time.
  • Press the red phone button on the globe to end the call. A Thank You window appears 20 seconds before your next call.

How to send SMS from Globfone

  1. To send a message, enter the recipient number to which we want us to send the message.
  2. Enter your message in a large text area and click Submit.
  3. A new window will appear asking you to enter radiation captcha. Enter the captcha, re-enter the text from the field, and press Enter. When you are finished, your message will be sent.
  4. Finally, the “Thank you” window appears for 20 seconds.

There’s one thing to say about phone calls: If the person you’re calling is roaming, the standard roaming fee is charged.

Globfone SMS Messenger on the App Store

Globfone SMS Messenger

Globfone VoIP is one of the most forward-looking and free international calls in the business. Use the phone when it’s still available.

P2P file sharing

We have free P2P file transfer and sharing service to send unlimited files to family and friends all over the world. You can use this free service by transferring files between two online users directly within a web browser.

Globefone uses the latest technology to send files quickly and securely using the latest P2P file-sharing tools Possible


Would you like to switch your phone without luck? Do you want to call your loved ones around the world for free? With Globefone you can make mobile calls and make free calls to everyone in the world.

Our advanced web applications allow you to make phone calls between computer and phone. Our free internet calls provide excellent sound quality and calls, Globefone is one of the best free internet calling service.

Send message

With Globfone, you can send free messages to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. You can send free messages directly from your computer to mobile networks around the world. Use our mobile app – Globphone SMS Messenger – to send free messages to friends and family online. Web Try using the free Globphone messaging service in your web browser.

Video chat

We call and send you a free message. But we did not stop there. Globfone also gives you free online video chat, so you can talk and watch your loved ones through video. Our online video chat service is free and can be used with Internet browsers around the world. Get the best online video chat experience when using Globphone one’s free online video chat.

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