Ram Gopal Varma announces “The Man who Killed Gandhi” on RGV World

RGV announced ‘The Man who Killed Gandhi‘ on RGV World.

Ram Gopal Varma’s RGV World theatre has become news these days. The sensational director is announcing back to back movies on online.

Recently RGV made an announcement that he wants to make a film called ‘The Man Who Killed Gandhi‘. The film is not about Gandhi and in the entire film, we won’t see Gandhi except in the scene where he is being killed. The film will be in Godse’s perspective. Why a non-criminal took the extreme step? What changed Godse’s heart? Who were his co-conspirators?

The director named the film ‘The Man Who Killed Gandhi’ The film is all about the Incident of Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi.

The director has released the first look of the movie a poster with an image with one half resembling Gandhi’s face, other half resembling Godse’s face.

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RGV Tweeted “Because of it’s humongous success on my personal platform, I consider CLIMAX as the BEGINNING of my CAREER..just WAIT and WATCH what kind of PATHBREAKING content I will keep on putting on RgvWorldTheatre”

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