Ravi Kondala Rao: Legendary Telugu actor and writer Ravi Kondala Rao passes away

Senior actor Ravi Kondalarao has died on 28th July 2020

Ravi Kondala Rao

The year 2020 remains a dark chapter in history. Already this year has been carrying a lot of bad news. Many tragic events have taken place this year, especially in the film industry. Today, another tragic incident took place in Tollywood. Senior actor Ravi Kondala Rao has died of a heart attack. His family members rushed him to Viveka Nanda Hospital in Somajiguda after he suffered a heart attack.

Doctors were unable to save Kondalarao, who was struggling with old age. Ravi Kondalarao is now 88 years old. Kondala Rao, who has served the film industry for almost four decades, has acted in over 600 films. In recent times, Kondalarao has acted in films like 365 Days, Oy, Groom, and King. Ravi Kondalarao’s wife Radha Kumari is also an actress. The couple has acted as husband and wife in several films.

Radha Kumari died in 2012. Ravi Kondala Rao mostly acted as a comedian and a character artist. He has also done roles with negative shades. Little is said about Ravi Kondalarao’s performance in the 1991 Bapu-directed wedding book. Ravi Kondala Rao’s funeral will be held tomorrow.

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