RGV Murder Telugu Movie Trailer Review

How did a good father become a murderer?

RGV Murder Telugu Movie Trailer Review: Two years ago, a defamation case in the state of Telangana caused a sensation. A young woman from an aristocratic family was romantically married to a Dalit youth, leading to a brutal murder.

A father-daughter duo brutally murdered her husband on the sidewalk. That murder led to a big scandal in the state. Over the years, media attention has been focused on the case as a whole. Further clashes ensued as the victim was a Dalit youth.

RGV Murder Trailer Movie Review

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RGV Murder Telugu Movie Trailer Review

Inspired by the same incident, director Ram Gopal Varma announced a movie titled Murder. The movie trailer was also released today. A father with a name, prestige and status in the society raises his only daughter as a ring bearer.

No matter how much love the father shows, the effect of age will make the girl fall in love with a young man. A secret marriage with it can happen like a dove. On the one hand, the anguish of losing the daughter who kept an eye on the eyelids, on the other hand, the anger that has tarnished the image of the society.

A father torn between love and daughter – his reputation is known to be a traumatic murder movie. The movie seems to highlight the unrest and anguish in the family, especially due to the marriage. Things like a good father being murdered for whatever reason seem to be discussed.

The Murder trailer that stretches across the serious note is intriguing. Although everyone knows this story, what happened internally is an interesting topic. The film will be directed by Anand Chandra and will be released soon.

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